ZDS Events: Congresses, Seminars, Practical Courses & Workshops

NEW! Annual programm 2018 - Overview

The ZDS is the world's most renowned training and education institute for all sectors of the confectionery industry.

The ZDS program ranges from 1-day seminars to comprehensive 6-weeks trainings in chocolate, sugar, confectionery, fine pastry, ice cream, as well as many other special topics. The ZDS events cover basic knowledge as well as current technical special topics.
The theoretical teaching can be immediately implemented in practical training in the state-of-the-art pilot labs.

You can find detailed information on all congresses, seminars, practical courses and workshops
here. This overview is supplemented and expanded successively.

The ZDS offers numerous international events in the following languages:



For your orientation the ZDS events are classified into 4 basic formats:

- Congress (C): Event with a larger number of participants, characterized by a fixed      program with expert speakers, possibly with practical demonstrations and other components

- Seminar (S): Event with a smaller group of persons, characterized by a fixed lecture program, possibly with practical demonstrations                                   

- Practical course (P): Ratio theory/practice approx. 60%/40%, fixed program sequence, possibly with flexible parts, speakers: ZDS specialists and external experts, practical parts in the ZDS pilot plants, possibly visits of other enterprises and other components

- Workshop (W): Ratio theory/practice approx. 10%/90%, flexible, participant-oriented       program, speakers: ZDS specialists and external experts, practical parts in the ZDS pilot plants

Here you will find the current program overview for 2017.

For more information and details, please contact the ZDS Seminar Service.

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