Added value through innovation: Flavor trends for frozen bakery products - Andreas Brügge, Symrise AG

Mr. Andreas Bruegge graduated with a diploma in Food Technology from the Fachhochschule Lippe in Lemgo in 1989 after he had been working as a chef de cuisine since 1978. 

Since then he worked in leading marketing & commercial roles up to C-level in international food & bakery ingredients companies (828), focusing on bakery supplies, frozen bakery products and ingredients.

Today he is Category Development Director Bakery & Cereals for Europe-Middle East-Africa at Symrise AG in Holzminden, Germany, one of the World's leading flavour houses, since December 2015.

His lecture:

Innovation is key for profitable growth. There is a high risk of flops when it comes to new food product innovations. Market research and regular consumer insights offer a good basis to identify new trends and flavors. The latest findings will be presented, introducing new bake-off product- and concept ideas for various sales channels for longterm sustainable growth.


Sourdough processes for product differentiation in quick-frozen pastries - Dr. Peter Stolz, Ernst BÖCKER GmbH & Co. KG

Dr. Peter Stolz, Jahrgang 1959, studierte Ernährungswissenschaften an der Universität Stuttgart Hohenheim. Seine Diplomarbeit absolvierte er am Fraunhofer-Institut für Grenzflächen- und Bioverfahrenstechnik Abt. Technische Biochemie  in Stuttgart-Vaihingen. In seiner Doktorarbeit promovierte er über Milchsäurebakterien aus Sauerteig am Institut für Lebensmittetechnologie Abteilung Lebensmittelmikrobiologie. 

In die Firma Ernst Böcker GmbH & Co.KG ist er im Jan 1995 eingetreten. Von 1995 bis März 2002 leitete er die Abteilungen Forschung & Entwicklung sowie Qualitätssicherung. 

Von Oktober 2002 bis März 2006 war Dr. Stolz Leiter des Competence Centers Bread Ingredients bei BIB-Ulmer Spatz in Bingen (CSM). 

Im April 2006 ist Herr Dr. Stolz erneut in die Firma Ernst Böcker GmbH & Co.KG eingetreten. Seit dieser Zeit leitet er bei Böcker die Bereiche Geschäftsentwicklung, Anwendungstechnik und Produktentwicklung. Herr Dr. Stolz ist verheiratet und hat einen Sohn.

His lecture:

In Germany, the range of baked goods is divided into two groups. Next to bread and associated baked goods, “pastries“ are the second large group of products. 

How important are pre-fermentation-steps as an ingredient in the production process of pastries? The application of wheat sourdough in pastries has a long tradition in Italy and Greece. Typical for this are, for example, Panettone, a Christmas treat from Milan, or Tsoureki, a Greek Easter baked good. The tradition of wheat sponge dough- or wheat sourdough processes have lost part of their importance since industrial baker’s yeast was invented in the middle of the 19th century. 

In recent years, trends like naturalness, slow baking and clean label have led to a rediscovery of traditional fermentation methods to improve the quality of baked goods. 

The different pre-fermentation-step-systems are explained in this presentation. Advantages and disadvantages will be discussed.

The application range of these pre-fermentation-steps goes from baguettes, white bread, ciabatta and rolls to pastries like brioche, croissants, panettone etc. 


Clinging and adhesive concepts for surface-applied, lumpy product applications - Jörg Brose, GoodMills Innovation GmbH

studies in communications engineering (FH Düsseldorf)

trained businessman, wholesale and foreign trade (Backring Osnabrück) 

bakery apprenticeship, (Bäkerei Schmidt Pr. Oldendorf) 

master baker, (Weinheim)

business economist of trade, (Weinheim) 

operation manager, semi-instrial bakery, (Mettingen)

product manager bakery products, (GMI, Hamburg)

group manager sales, (GMI, Hamburg)

His lecture:


Flexible plant technology (fermentation, cooling, freezing) -> The key to the requirements of tomorrow - Markus Decker, Heinen freezing GmbH und Co. KG

Markus received his mechanical engineering degree from University of Applied Science in

Darmstadt in 1993. His emphasis were design and conveying technology. Since 1999 he

worked world wide in several assignments as Project/Product Specialist and Area Sales

Manager in the food machinery industry. He gained experience in the poultry, meat, ready

meal and bakery industry. His expertise contains packing, slicing, weighing, food safety and

proofing/freezing technolgies. Since 2011 he works for Heinen Freezing GmbH&Co. KG

which is a market leader in proofing/chilling and freezing of dough, par-backed and backed


His lecture:

The lecture will explain the technical options Heinen offers to fullfil different requirements in

the bakery industry and its solution on proofing / chilling baked products / freezing products.


The ABC of proper handling of frozen products at the customer - Frank Schmitz, bsc-konzepte GbR

Frank Schmitz is an expert for location and concept planning, cost control and human

resources and he is the director of bsc-konzepte in Neuwied. bsc-konzepte, operate as bakery

consultants to serve all needs in the field of bakery. This ranges from strategy- and snack

planning, to strategies and marketing, sales, openings, to planning and implementation.

Mister Schmitz, has more than 30 years of experience in the baker industry especially in sales

and production. As production- and sales manager he especially operated in the fields of statt

and planning and in charge of diverse processes such as the operating of bakery openings

and coffee shops. His expertise is based on his experience in the craftsmanship of bakery and


His lecture:


Technological overview of modern methods of fermentation time control - Gerald Fischer, Uniferm GmbH & Co. KG

Gerald Fischer learned baker in the bakery of his parents. Afterwards he study food

technology with the focus on bakery technology at the University of Lemgo/Detmold. His

diploma he received with 25 years.

The professional career started at Boehringer Ingelheim Backmittel and he was responsible

in the beginning as an Product Manager for bread and rolls improver. Later on he was the

Head of Product Management at the company. After 6,5 years he has leaved the company

and changed the job to the Head of Marketing at UNIFERM, the leading yeast company in

Germany. Since 2015 Gerald Fischer is responsible for the export department at


Beside his job he was vice president and local chairman at the VDB (Vereinigung der

Backbranche) up to 2016.

His lecture:

The presentation gives an overview about the rules and the ideal conditions for long

fermentation processes. The different processes will be shown and explained. Some

processes needs a special equipment.


Challenge frozen dough - Quality factors of baker's yeast - Thomas Eierhoff, Uniferm GmbH & Co. KG

Thomas Eierhoff is a master baker and received his diploma at the University of Applied

Sciences in Lemgo for food technology. He worked then for serveral years in the Lambertz

group. First as a head of the quality assurance and finally for more than two years as a

plant manager. Since October 2016 he has been working as a product manager at

UNIFERM GmbH & Co. KG in Werne and is responsible for the field of yeast.

His lecture:

The quality factors of baking yeast can be defined very differently. In fact, there are real

quality factors in which the performance of a good baking yeast can be measured.