ZDS Events: Congresses, Seminars, Practical Courses & Workshops

Further education is our mission 

Since 1951, the Central College of the German Confectionery Industry has established itself as an institution for advanced vocational and further education for the confectionery industry. Over the past years, thousands of apprentices, trained workers, master craftsmen and event participants took part in numerous courses of training and education.

Every year, ZDS offers more than 40 training courses for all areas of confectionery production. 

You can find detailed information on all congresses, seminars, practical courses and workshops hereThis overview is supplemented and expanded successively.

The technical equipment

Whether chocolate, confectionery, sugar confectionery, baked goods, panned goods or ice cream: The course participants learn how to produce the products on a craft and industrial scale in our technical departments equipped with industrial pilot plants.

We are international!

Whether German, English, Spanish, French, Dutch or Russian: That’s no problem for us! Our courses are offered in various languages, many with simultaneous translation. Use our courses to connect with participants from all over the world and create new synergies for your company.

We want you to feel comfortable with us

From 1-day congresses to 3-day workshops and 4 weeks practical courses: we offer the right course lengths and formats for your further education! At our workshops, practical courses, seminars and congresses, you are guaranteed to find your appropriate level of theoretical and practical experience.

Our seminar team will help you with the booking, with organizational questions such as travel and accommodation or information about your course. 

For your orientation the ZDS events are classified into 4 basic formats:

- Congress (C): Event with a larger number of participants, characterized by a fixed      program with expert speakers, possibly with practical demonstrations and other components

- Seminar (S): Event with a smaller group of persons, characterized by a fixed lecture program, possibly with practical demonstrations                                   

- Practical course (P): Ratio theory/practice approx. 60%/40%, fixed program sequence, possibly with flexible parts, speakers: ZDS specialists and external experts, practical parts in the ZDS pilot plants, possibly visits of other enterprises and other components

- Workshop (W): Ratio theory/practice approx. 10%/90%, flexible, participant-oriented program, speakers: ZDS specialists and external experts, practical parts in the ZDS pilot plants

For more information and details, please contact the ZDS Seminar Service.

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