Program - Less Sugar - Same Taste

Tuesday, October 30th, 2018
09:30 Registration
10:00 Welcome by Mr. Andreas Bertram, ZDS
Session 1: Market situations and legal aspects
10:15 Reduction of sugar, fat and salt in food
Between feasibility and consumer expectations Simone Schiller, DLG
10:45 Sugar reduction and replacement: Global market overview and trend products Sara Petersson, Euromonitor International
11:15 Networking break & Foyer exhibition & demonstration: Cooking of sugar-reduced/sugar-free hard caramels
12:15 Overview about current laws and guidelines on sugar and their impact on the food economy Dr. Christine Konnertz-Häußler, KWG Rechtsanwälte
12:45 Enjoyment without remorse: strategies, results and perspectives Julia Kaapke & Anne Gerlach, IMCD Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG
13:15 Lunch
13:45 Tour ZDS
Session 2: Alternative sweetening concepts and reformulation of recipes
14:15 The use of functional ingredients with a plus for sugar replacement: Application potential and solutions Michael Getrost & Roland Zsembery, BENEO GmbH
14:45 'The sugar reduction Odyssee': Exploring the holistic approach Jeroen De Paepe, Cargill R&D Centre bvba
15:15 Networking break & Foyer exhibition & Product sample exhibition
15:45 Image of sweeteners - popular and decried Anja Krumbe Süßstoff-Verband e.V.
16:15 Applicability of Alternative Sweeteners and Carbohydrate Polymers in Sugar-free Chocolate Development Dr. Roger Aidoo, Bayn Europe AB
16:45 Sugar reduction = calorie reduction? What happens in the human body Dr. Poschwatta-Rupp, Nutritionist
17:15 Breack
17:25 Round table expert talk:
What does the consumer expect?, What means that for our daily business
18:10 Final discussion/End of the first congress day
18:30 Festive evening buffet
Wednesday, October 31st, 2018
9:00 Welcome to 2nd congress day
Session 3: The sensory aspect
09:15 Reformulation and sugar reduction - Declaration, sensory and consumer expectations Dr. Katharina Reichelt, Symrise AG, DE
09:45 The use of technical and functional flavors in sugar-reduced products Christine Mathers, Givaudan Deutschland GmbH
10:15 Reducing the bitter flavor: No more need of sugar as a masking tool Ricarda Enke, Olam Cocoa B.V.
10:45 Networking break & Foyer exhibition & Demonstration: Sugar reduced fudge
Session 4: Process adaptation
11:45 Baked goods: reducing sugar, maintaining texture Dorin Hell, Ingredion Germany GmbH
12:15 Technical aspects of sugar reduced compressed medicated sweets Steffen Woelk, Robert Bosch Bosch Packaging Technology GmbH
12:45 Lunch
Session 5: The sweetening presence and future
13:30 Future trends and future goals: Sugar reduction, free of added sugar, without added sugar, with no potential laxative effect and totally sugar free Maximilian Greiner, Barry Callebaut Belgium NV
14:00 Sweets of the future? Outlook for formulation solutions Dr. Malte Rubach, M.R.EXPERT, DE
15:00 Final discussion
15:15 End of the congress - Farewell
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