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Staff training is a vital issue and a long term investment for each company. The ZDS College in Germany, Solingen is specialized in the full-time training for personnel of the chocolate and confectionery industry, both from Europe and overseas. We set highest standards in the theoretical and practical courses, training students on modern process plants and machinery to produce on small and large scale equipment a comprehensive range of products.

Description of the course:

This course will survey the technologies and raw materials involved in the production of the following products in theory and practice:

 * High boiled sweets (die-formed and deposited)
 * Toffees, fudges and soft chews
 * Gums and jellies
 * Sugar free and sugar reduced products

The functions of the ingredients as well as the involved recipes and production techniques will be discussed in detail.
The production of all these products will be demonstrated on industrial and small scaled lines. Participants will produce sweets in group work.

Who shall participate?

This course is intended for:

* Food technologists from the confectionery industry, who are working in R&D, production or quality assurance, and who are relatively new to the industry
* Technical service and supportive personnel of the raw material and machinery industry
* Members of manufacturing companies, who need a technical introduction to these productions

The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 20 persons.

Date / Venue   Tuesday, 22 April  2014, 10:00 until
                      Friday, 25 April 2014, 13:00

=> 5% discount for the 2nd participant of a company!

Fee Members of the ZDS Association       €  1.495,-
Non-members                                       €  2.060,-



The Program

<b>Tuesday, 22.04.2014</b>
10.00 Welcome - Presentation of the programme Jörg Braun, ZDS
10.10 THEORY<br />Classification of sugar confectionery products Jörg Braun, ZDS
10.40 <i>Coffee break</i>
11.00 THEORY<br />Raw materials: sucrose, glucose syrup Jörg Braun, ZDS
<b>High Boiled Candies</b>
11.40 THEORY<br />Manufacturing technology of die-formed candies Jörg Braun, ZDS
13.00 <i>Lunch</i>
14.00 DEMONSTRATION<br />Production of die-formed high boiled candies Jörg Braun, ZDS
PRACTICAL GROUP WORK<br />Production of various different high boiled candies
DEMONSTRATION<br />Production of a one-shot deposited product
<i>In between coffee break</i>
17.00 <i>Light dinner</i> - <i>End of the first day</i>
<b>Wednesday, 23.04.2014</b>
<b>Toffees, Fudges, Soft Chews</b>
9.00 THEORY<br />Manufacturing technology of milk toffees & fudges Jörg Braun, ZDS
10.00 <i>Coffee break</i>
10.30 DEMONSTRATION<br />Production of milk toffees on an industrial line Jörg Braun, ZDS
12.00 THEORY<br />Modern manufacturing technology of high boiled & soft candy Andreas Leitze, Robert Bosch GmbH
13:00 <i>Lunch</i>
14:00 Colour applications in confectionery Fabian Uelner, GNT Europa GmbH
14:30 THEORY<br />Manufacturing technology of soft chews Jörg Braun, ZDS
15:00 DEMONSTRATION<br />Production of soft chews Jörg Braun, ZDS
<i>In between coffee break</i>
DEMONSTRATION<br />Production of fudge Jörg Braun, ZDS
17.00 <i>Light dinner</i>
<b>Thursday, 24.04.2014</b>
<b>Gums & Jellies</b>
9:00 THEORY<br />Gelling & thickening agents Jörg Braun, ZDS
10.00 THEORY<br />Starches in Gums & Jellies Jürgen Detert, Cargill Texturizing Solutions
10.30 <i>Coffee break</i>
11.00 THEORY<br />Manufacturing technology of gums and jellies Jörg Braun, ZDS
12.00 DEMONSTRATION<br />Production of gelatine gums on a pressure dissolver Jörg Braun, ZDS
13.00 <i>Lunch</i>
14.00 PRACTICAL GROUP WORK<br />Production of various gums and jellies Jörg Braun, ZDS
<i>In between coffee break</i>
17.00 <i>Light dinner</i>
<b>Friday, 25.04.2014</b>
<b>Flavours / Calorie-reduced Sugar Confectionery Products</b>
9:00 Intense sweeteners Andrea de Groot, Tate and Lyle
9:30 Flavours in sugar confectionery and flavour workshop Dr. Simone Peschke, Symrise AG
<i>in between Coffee break</i>
12.30 Discussion
13.00 <i>Lunch / End of the course</i>
(subject to alteration)
<b>Course leader:</b> <br />Jörg Braun, Sugar Confectionery Technologist ZDS,<br />Technical Instructor Sugar Confectionery
+ speakers from the confectionery industry

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