Manufacturing of Licorice

Manufacturing of Licorice

What is the content of this course?

The main point of this course with practical demonstration on a cooking extruder is the introduction to the industrial manufacturing of licorice products. This product range requires very special know-how and experience in raw materials and process technology ensuring the desired distinctive textures and eating characteristics of the products. The participants will get an introduction to the manufacturing technology of extruded and co-extruded licorice and of licorice all-sorts.
The aim of the practical course is
...  to provide the participants with basic information on raw materials and their influence on texture and taste of the end product.
...  to give an overview of manufacturing processes of various licorice products.

Who should attend this course?

The course is especially for product development and  application technology people, which like to gain more understanding for the industrial processes involved. But it is also an opportunity for people, who have just started in the licorice industry as well as for those, who are already working there to refresh or extend their knowledge.

Oliver Ludwig, Chocotech GmbH
Martijn HILLENIUS, Extrugroup B.V
Fabian Uelner, GNT Europa GmbH
Jürgen Detert, Cargill Benelux B.V.
Wilfried Kukowski, Capol GmbH
Dirk Husemöller, Silesia Gerhard Hanke GmbH & Co.KG
Ortwin Winter, Silesia Gerhard Hanke GmbH & Co.KG
Michael Tenhaft, Silesia Gerhard Hanke GmbH & Co.KG
Sandra Kroworsch, Silesia Gerhard Hanke GmbH & Co.KG
Simone Selker, Silesia Gerhard Hanke GmbH & Co.KG
Sabine Wahler, Silesia Gerhard Hanke GmbH & Co.KG
Claudia Leuter, Silesia Gerhard Hanke GmbH & Co.KG
Jens MILT, Norevo GmbH
Josef A. Merl, European-Foodpool
Timo Piilola, Nordic Sugar A/S


Date / Venue:

Tuesday, June 10, 2014 until  Thursday, June 12, 2014
Zentralfachschule der Deutschen Süßwarenwirtschaft e.V.
De-Leuw-Str. 3-9
42653 Solingen / Germany

Members ZDS Association   €  1.320,-
Non-members                    €  1.650,-
Seminar-No.: PES-416


Please remember to bring a white coat and suitable shoes for the practical part of the course.


<b>Tuesday, June 10, 2014</b>
14.00 Welcome
14.05 Licorice Products - An Overview Josef A. Merl
14.20 Licorice Extract - Confectionery Ingredient, Commercial Forms, Properties and Applications Jens Milt
14.50 Sugar cane syrups for licorice sweets Timo Piilola
15.20 <i>Coffee Break</i>
15.50 Sweetness and Starches in Licorice Products Jürgen Detert
16.10 Processing and Handling of Licorice Twists Marijn Hillenius
17.00 Demo Black Licorice Products Extruded on an Extrufood Pilot Plant Marijn Hillenius
18.05 Discussion
18.15 <i>End of the first day / Light dinner</i>
<b>Wednesday, June 11, 2014</b>
8.30 Departure by bus to the company Silesia
9.00 Wecome and short presentation of Silesia Dirk Husemöller
9.20 Flavouring of Licorice Strings and Tubes Ortwin Winter
10.00 Demo: Single and Co-Extruded Licorice Michael Tenhaft, Sandra Kroworsch, Simone Selker
Trends in Licorice Products/Market Samples Sabine Wahler, Claudia Leuter
11.30 Discussion
12.10 Bus trip back to ZDS
12.45 <i>Lunch</i>
14.00 Colouring of Licorice Products Fabian Uelner
14.30 Releasing Agents for Licorice Products Wilfried Kukowski
15.00 <i>Coffee Break</i>
15.30 Demo: Sour Belts Using Cooking-Extrusion Process (Extrufood Pilot Plant) Martijn Hillenius
17.45 Discussion
18.00 <i>End of the second day / Light dinner</i>
<b>Thursday, June 12, 2014</b>
9.00 Fruit Leather with High Real Fruit Content Oliver Ludwig
9.30 <i>Coffee Break</i>
9.50 Demo: Fruit Snacks (on Extrufood Pilot Plant) and Sugar Paste Martijn Hillenius
12.45 Discussion
13.00 <i>End of the Seminar / Lunch</i>
-Subject to alteration-

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