Practical Course in Chewing Gum & Bubble Gum

Seminar description

ZDS offers a theoretical and practical course in its facilities on chewing gum and bubble gum technology.During the course the participants will be given theoretical information about ingredients and processes and they will run trials on pilot plant equipment during the practical part.

This course is intended for:

  • Food technologists from the sugar confectionery industry, who are at the beginning of their career in the industry, or who need further training in the field of chewing gum.

  • Technical service and support staff from the raw material industries.

  • Members of the product development department from the confectionery industry who require a technical introduction to this part of their industry.

This course will be run as a workshop. We will study the influence of ingredients such as different gum bases, acid, polyols and flavour and of production parameters on chewing gum masses. We will produce mainly stripes and pillows. Participants will have the possibilities to pan centres during the course.


Michael Hendrickx, euro base inernational NV, Belgium
Nils SCHÜNEMANN, Confectionery Technologist, ZDS

 • Speakers from the industry

Alexander Schneider, Hermann Linden GmbH & Co. KG
Wolfgang Weber, Roquette GmbH
Axel Schumacher, Robert Bosch GmbH
Josef A. Merl, European-Foodpool
Simon Tidman
Oliver Luhn, BENEO-Palatinit GmbH


 • Fees:

Members of the ZDS Association          €  1.320,-
Non-members                                    €  1.650,-



Monday, June 16, 2014
to Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Program

<b>Monday, June 16, 2014</b>
10.10 Introduction to chewing gum trends and market Michael Hendrickx
10.40 Gum base: different types and utilisation in the production of chewing gum & bubble gum masses Michael Hendrickx
11.10 <i>Coffee break</i>
11.40 Chewing gum evaluation demonstration Michael Hendrickx
12.10 Polyols in the manufacture of chewing gum Wolfgang Weber
13:00 <i>Lunch</i>
14:00 Overview of Chewing Gum Processing Axel Schumacher
14:30 Presentation of the practical work Michael Hendrickx
14:40 Practical work - Kneading trials showing the ifluence<br />• kneading time<br />• order of addition<br />• particle size of sugar Michael Hendrickx
<i>In between coffee break</i>
17.30 <i>End of the first day</i>
18.00 <i>Light dinner</i>
<b>Tuesday, June 17, 2014</b>
8:30 Sensory evaluation of chewing gum and bubble gum<br />-Physical parameters<br />-Long lasting Michael Hendrickx
9:00 Practical work<br />-Kneading trials showing the influence of gum base types/presence of acid<br />
<i>In between Coffee break</i>
13:00 <i>Lunch</i>
14:00 Sugar-Free Panning with Isomalt Oliver Luhn
14:30 Functional Gums Josef A. Merl
15:00 <i>Coffee break</i>
15:15 Flavouring of chewing gum and bubble gum masses Josef A. Merl
15:45 Soft and hard panning of chewing gum and bubble gum Simon Tidman
16:15 Demonstration<br />-Panning of chewing gum and bubble gum centres Simon Tidman
18.00 <i>Light dinner</i>
<b>Wednesday, June 18, 2014</b>
8:30 Departure to company <b>Hermann Linden GmbH & Co. KG</b>, Marienheide
10:00 Lab equipment for chewing gum manufacturing Alexander Schneider
10:30 Demonstration of lab line for filled chewing gum pellets
12.00 <b>Return to ZDS</b>
13:45 <i>End of the course / Lunch</i>
(subject to alteration)

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