Practical Introduction Course in Biscuit Making

Biscuit making is a significant part of the food industry and is practised worldwide. It is generally well mechanised and is a specialised sector of the baking industry.

Courses to study biscuit manufacturing are very few and most of the people currently working in the industry have learnt the business from those already there.
Learning on the job may not be very satisfactory as there is no assurance that current practices are correct.

Furthermore baking generally is still thought of as a craft and many of the processes are imperfectly understood.

Modern machinery can be very efficient if controlled properly so it is necessary to know as much as possible about process mechanisms if control systems are to be applied successfully.

• Course objectives
This intensive short seminar has been designed to meet a need for practical instruction and involvement in the making of biscuits.

Modern biscuit manufacturing is so mechanised that few, other than those in the new product development bakery, get the opportunity to experience the effects of variations in dough making, dough piece forming and baking.

By observing and handling the ingredients and dough, learning is at a higher level than listening or reading on your own can provide.

The seminar style allows much interaction between the leader and the delegates so that information will be related as much as possible to the needs of the group.

Students have also the possibility to bring products from their respective companies for discussion and analysis when desired. This gives them the opportunity to discuss specific details.

Who will benefit?

This course is designed particularly for persons who have day to day contact with biscuit production such as operators, supervisors, trainee managers, maintenance engineers and quality control staff.

Those involved in new product development would also benefit from the practical aspects of biscuit making by hand and with small-scale equipment.

• Co-ordinator:
Martin STIENE, Master Baker & State-certified Food Technician Biscuit Technologist, ZDS
Rien Eckhardt, Bakery Consultant


• Speakers:
Dirk Claus, Nordzucker AG, Braunschweig, Germany


• Date / Venue:

March 17-21, 2014

ZDS Zentralfachschule der Deutschen Süßwarenwirtschaft
De-Leuw-Straße 3-9
D-42653 Solingen - Germany

• Fee:
Members of the ZDS-Association               € 1.675,-
Non-members                                          € 2.235,-


<b>Monday, March 17, 2014</b>
10:00 Welcome / Introduction / Objectives Andreas Bertram
10:15 Theory<br />• Product classification and composition<br />• Presentation participants products• Dairy products Rien Eckhardt
11:15 <i>Coffee Break</i>
11:30 Flour and starches Rien Eckhardt
13:00 <i>Lunch</i>
14:00 Practice: <br />Spread tests, function of raw materials Martin Stiene / Rien Eckhardt
(Coffee break in between the sessions)
16:30 Review of the day, evaluation of the trials
17:30 <i>Cold dinner</i>
<b>Tuesday, March 18, 2014</b>
9:00 Emulsifiers Rien Eckhardt
9:30 Sugars and syrups Dirk Clauß
10:45 <i>Coffee break</i>
11:00 Fats and oils
11:30 Leavening agents<br />Soft dough products Rien Eckhardt
12:00 Ovens, heat transfer and cooling Rien Eckhardt
13:00 <i>Lunch</i>
14:00 Practice: <br />Rotary moulding Martin Stiene / Rien Eckhardt
<i>(coffee break in betwenn the sessions)</i>
16:30 Review of the day, evaluation of the trials
17:30 <i>Cold dinner</i>
<b>Wednesday, March 19, 2014</b>
9:00 Chocolate and Compounds Bernd Kossack / Rien Eckhardt
10:00 Mixing Rien Eckhardt
11:00 <i>Coffee break</i>
11:30 Rotary moulding, wire-cutting, depositing
12:30 Rotary mould design Rien Eckhardt
13:00 <i>Lunch</i>
14:00 Practice: <br />Wire cutting Martin Stiene / Rien Eckhardt
<i>(Coffee breaks in between the sessions during the day)</i>
16:30 Review of the day, evaluation of the trials
17:30 <i>Cold dinner</i>
<b>Thursday, March 20, 2014</b>
9:00 Theory<br />Wafer baking
10:00 Airation of fillings
11:00 <i>Coffee break</i>
11:30 Practice: <br />Waferprodction
<i>(Coffee breaks in between the sessions during the day)</i>
13:00 <i>Lunch</i>
14:00 Waferprodction
15:00 Filling production
15:30 <i>Coffee break</i>
16:00 Enrobing
16:30 Review
17:30 Cold dinner
<b>Friday, March 21, 2014</b>
08:30 Visit Rheon Company Holger Kretschmann
10:30 Review <i>End of the course</i>
Return to ZDS or Airport Duesseldorf
-subject to alteration-

Your co-ordinator

Martin Stiene

  • Master Baker & State-certified Food Technician
  • Technical Instructor Pastries, Biscuits and Snacks

Your co-ordinator

Rien Eckhardt                

  • Master Baker & State-certified Bakery technology  teacher                
  • Product and Process development experienced                
  • Bakery consultant and Application specialist, for Pastries, Biscuits, Cookies, Crackers and Wafers   

Your Project Assistant

Sandra Steinmetz

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