Workshop "Bars Manufacturing" - Create your own bar!

Candy bars, cereal bars, energy bars, sports nutrition bars, breakfast bars - barely  any other confectionery product  group  is as diversified and expansive as the one covering bars.

Within the scope of our workshop, we'd like to discuss the various requirements and solutions with the participants, and attempt to achieve practical results in team work. ln order to facilitate this goal, we will interview the attendees prior to workshop about their expectations and requirements towards it and try to realize  the thus obtained requests through various work  groups, if necessary.

Some ZDS specialist teachers will be available within the course the workshop on an interdisciplinary level in order to facilitate this.

Since this is the first workshop of its kind in English language, the participants may actively contribute to details of the schedule.

ln the first place, the workshop is intended for product developers engaged with bar-like products. However, it also addresses raw material suppliers who want to learn more about the requirements  manufacturers have towards innovative bar-like products. The workshop might furthermore  be of interest for sales and marketing staff who would  like to deal with product-specific requirements towards raw materials and production.

The same workshop in German language took place from 22nd to 24th July, 2014 with an extraordinary review of the participants (see the statements below).

• Co-ordinator:
Jörg Braun, Confectionery Technologist & Technical Instructor, Sweets / Confectionery ZDS

• Date / Venue:
October 6, 2014 10.00 a.m. to October 8, 2014 1.00 p.m.

ZDS Zentralfachschule der Deutschen Süßwarenwirtschaft
De-Leuw-Straße 3-9
D-42653 Solingen - Germany

• Fee:
Members of the ZDS-Association             € 1.085,-
Non-members                                        € 1.490,-

• Fee with accommodation

Members of the ZDS-Association             € 1.274,-
Non-members                                        € 1.679,-

Some impressions of the German workshop in July 2014

Feedback from Participants of the German workshop

„The way how the seminar took place had been a big surprise for me. The number of participants was just right, the group should not be too big. All in all everything was SUPER!” (Fatih G.)

“A slightly more structured presentation of the completed products, otherwise super, very educational, intensive seminar, many suggestions, good opportunity to become creative.” (Alexandra Z.-R.)

“As I had a specific objective and a defined idea when starting the course (development of a protein bar) I very much benefitted from the open structure! My wishes and requirements as well as needs had been fulfilled 100%! Many thanks!” (Eicke Christina B.)

“Concept of a free workshop has been fantastic, as it offers a good opportunity for experimental trials!” (Thomas R.)

“Super working atmosphere, fantastic practical part, amazing results, free experiments of all kinds, great structure –> manufacturing –> tasting –> further development!“ (Sandra Z.)


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