CAKE TEC endet mit toller Resonanz

(13.11.2014) Zwei Tage voller hochwertiger Information und äußerst interessierte Kongressteilnehmer - dies ist das kurze Fazit der CAKE TEC 2014.

Sowohl die Themen- als auch die Referentenauswahl wurde von den Teilnehmern sehr positiv bewertet. Nachfolgend ein paar Statements von Kongressbesuchern:

" Top. Ich bin total begeistert! Bitte weiter so."

"Tolles Programm und interessante, aktuelle Vorträge. Vor allem die bezogenen Diskussionen waren sehr positiv."

"Die Konferenz war sehr gut organisiert und die Referenten und deren Vorträge waren sehr gut."

"Guter Mix an Themen. Sehr gut waren die vielen Videos."

Eine kleine Bildergalerie zu dieser Veranstaltung finden Sie hier.


The highly successful premiere of the congress CAKE TEC in 2012 has led us feel compelled to organize the event with the focus on "cake" again at ZDS, in Solingen. What has changed in recent years on the international cake market? Which specific markets and trends are currently there and what can be expected in the future? Which technologies are available?

One of the highlights will definitely be an extensive part about process technology. Alternative whipping systems, Steam Baking, Electrostatically coating of cakes, Ultrasonic- and water cutting technology as well as  the biggest cake production in the world will be on this year's agenda.

The conference program will be completed by an international product exhibition as well as by practical demonstrations. The congress will provide sufficient opportunities for communication amongst participants, speakers and members of the advisory committee of the event.


The CAKE TEC organization committee:

  • Andreas Coppenrath, Coppenrath Feingebäck GmbH
  • Steffen Weise, Bahlsen GmbH & Co. KG
  • Dr. Martin Ehret, Griesson – de Beukelaer GmbH & Co. KG
  • Dr. Friedrich Sprengel, Kuchenmeister GmbH
  • Matthias Drees , OKA Spezialmaschinen GmbH
  • Hiltrud Rohenkohl, Dr. August Oetker KG
  • Iris Baltruweit, Puratos GmbH
  • Matthias Dörtelmann, MDC Matthias Dörtelmann Consulting
  • Peter Meyer, Aasted Germany GmbH
  • Andreas Bertram, Managing Director, ZDS


Date / Venue:
Tuesday, November 11, 2014 until
Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Zentralfachschule der Deutschen Süßwarenwirtschaft e.V.
De-Leuw-Str. 3-9
42653 Solingen

Members of the ZDS-association: 1305,- €
Non-members:1630,- €
25% deduction for each further participant of a company

ZDS Seminar-Team
Tel.: +49 (0) 212 5961-14   Fax: +49 (0) 212 5961-33
Email: seminar(at)zds-solingen(dot)de

Seminarcode: CIB-438



The Program

<b>Tuesday, November 11, 2014</b>
10.00 Welcome by ZDS-management Andreas Bertram, ZDS
10.10 Targets of the congress
10.15 Trends on the European cake market Fanny Parisot, Puratos GmbH
10.50 Innovation on the Asian cake market Matthijs Sillevis Smitt, MASDAC International
<b>Product Trends</b>
11.25 Coffee break / Product exhibition
12.00 Concepts for individual cakes Marco Thiele, Kathi Rainer Thiele GmbH
12.35 Customize me: Customization through individual products Fabian Fruhmann, Wake up Communications
13.10 Lunch
14.10 Natural Baking: Fine pastry without baker‘s yeast and additives Thomas Lepold, C+I Consult
14.45 Sustainable formula concepts: Substitutes for palm oil Nils Hinrichsen, ADM Research GmbH
15.20 Whey protein basis as egg substitute Inge Lise Povlsen, Arla Foods Ingredients
15.55 Coffee break / Product exhibition
16.25 Fat substitute on algae basis Herbert Schelle, Roquette GmbH
17.00 Vanillin: Functionality beyond Flavouring Dr. Gerhard Dewald , Borregaard
17.35 Industrial cake premix: From idea to finished powder mixture Prof. Rainer Barnekow, Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe
18.10 End of the day / Festive dinner
<b>Wednesday, November 12, 2014</b>
<b>Process Technology</b>
09.00 Shuffle Mix: Alternative aeration systems for cakes Erik Kamphuis, Shuffle Mix B.V.
09.25 Beba Mischtechnik: Alternative aeration systems for cakes Andreas Finger, Beba-Mischtechnik GmbH
09.50 Ultrasonic cutting for complex cake application Dieter Döinghaus, Döinghaus GmbH & Co. KG
10.15 Waterjet cutting for complex cake application Alexandre Kielwasser, Metronics Technologies Sarl
10.40 Coffee break / Demonstrations
11.40 Case study: Project planning of the biggest industrial cake production line in Europe Ulrich Wienecke-Daniels, WD & PARTNER / Piet Vader, Tanis Food Tec B.V.
12.05 Automatic production of batter and fillings  Ruud van Mer, Haas-Mondomix  B.V.
12.30 Rationalization potential: Vacuum cooling Christian Vetterli, Aston Foods AG
12.55 Electrostatic coating of cakes with icing sugar Marco Spada, Cel srl
13.20 Lunch
14.20 Survey lecture: Functional packaging foils Prof. Kajetan Müller, IVV Freising
14.45 Functional barriers against migration of residues into packed confectionary products Heiko Diehl, BASF
15.10 Oxygen Scavanger: Key for improved shelf life Hoyte Sillevis Smitt, O2 Control
15.40 Final discussion / End of the congress
<b>(Subject to alteration)</b>

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Natural Baking: Delicate Dough free from Yeast and Additives, Thomas Lepold, C+I Consult

Trends like “free from…” or “without any additives” are increasingly important sales messages. Just a few decades ago, it was most common to make use of the “magic kit” of ingredients and additives to obtain easily machine-processible dough and masses or achieve specific consumption properties. By now, this is a no-go.

This article will reveal the secret of achieving aromatic and easily machine-processible delicate dough free from yeast or additives. Food production engineer Thomas Lepold is a specialist in this sector and has been well-known in the baking and food industry for more than 30 years. He has committed himself to baking with these options for nearly 10 years. In this context, we make use of various sponge systems, particularly the BackNatur ferment. This innovative product facilitates the formation of aromatic taste-producing substances in all kinds of wheat-based sponges, which provide the baked goods with a character comparable to the one of perfectly long-resting baked goods. For this purpose, the product deploys the micro-organisms in sponge-starter BackNatur ferment. As a result, baker’s yeast can be spared completely.

The micro-nutrients, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals contained by the flour are transformed to aromatic substances and flavoring precursors in the sponge, which provide the baked goods with a unique basic flavor. The aroma nuances formed are for the most part of fruity-floral nature and match perfectly with all kinds of wheat pastry such as light delicate dough, common bread buns and kaiser or soft rolls. Best results are in particular achieved in combination with butter.

Additive-free baking deploys exclusively natural ingredients and does not use any additives or chemicals. In this context, BackNatur contributes its long-standing expertise in fermentation. All of it is "clean label". The lecture provides detailed information on how to achieve the dough properties required.

Lecture of Thomas Lepold at CAKE TEC congress 2014



Shuffle-Mix: Alternative aeration system for Cakes, by Erik Kamphuis

Soft and light cakes are getting more and more popular. It is used for layer cakes but also for cup-cakes or chiffon-cakes. Light cakes can be made using baking powder or by aerating the batter before baking. Shufflemix delivered many aeration installation for aerating cake batter.

Product aeration is traditionally a time-consuming process. The product is aerated in a batch mixer and manually transferred to a depositor. This batch-wise production results in an inconsistent aeration quality that can vary from batch to batch. The Shufflemixer will increase your productivity and deliver consistent product quality, thanks to the continuous aerator which is designed to achieve higher production rates per hour.

The Shufflemixer aerating technology is based on the age-old idea of churning milk where a perforated disc on a stick is moved up and down in a churn, to aerate the liquid. Shuffle-Mix re-developed the ancient system using the latest 21st century production technologies. By combining multiple discs in a closed housing with a controlled up and down movement, the fluid is aerated. This patented way of aerating is far more efficient than any traditional pinhead aerator. In the Shufflemixers, this modern aerating technology is brought into production.

Shuffle Mix will present the aeration technology and will show how the Shufflemixer can fit in your production line to enhance the productivity with a consistent high quality.

The lecture on CAKE TEC 2014 will be held by Erik Kamphuis, Commercial Director Shuffle Mix B.V.

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