FAT Symposium 2015

A congress from the practice to the practice

The confectionery industry is a constantly growing market that is entailing many challenges and chances for producers and manufacturers. Divided into a limited number of different specialist branches this industry finds itself in a highly competitive market.

In this context, sweets in general have become a problem for their consumers as regards nutritional physiology. The consumers’ awareness of the trend towards healthy and sustainable food is increasing and especially fats and oils seem to be one of the food components that are regularly in the focus of lively discussions.

This is why there will be another international ZDS congress on this subject. From 21 – 22 October 2015 the ZDS will once again host the FAT Symposium in Solingen.

The major issues will be, among others:

  • Oils and fats: The situation in the global raw material markets
  • Antibiotics substitute by fats and fatty acids in the livestock industry
  • The palm oil challenge: costs, sustainability, availability and alternatives
  • Controlling the fat crystallization: Methods and practical examples
  • Antibiotics substitute by fats and fatty acids in the livestock industry
  • Modern QS-concepts for the industrial incoming goods inspection
  • Current and future EU labelling regulations

It will be for the first time that also the FAT Symposium will offer a panel discussion on the subject "What does the confectionery manufacturer expect of a partnership with the supplying industry?". To this end we will invite experts from different areas in order to discuss this subject with you. Your questions will become program!

Do not only use the FAT Symposium to broaden your knowledge but also take the opportunity to meet important personalities from the entire confectionery and food industry. The coffee breaks during the demonstrations in the technology department but also the festive dinner on the first evening of the event will offer an ideal platform for this.

The internationally recognized company Loders Croklaan B.V. from Wormerveer/the Netherlands will provide, as a cooperation partner, valuable impetus when preparing the program by bringing along a comprehensive specialist knowledge and practical experience for many years. The detailed congress program will be published in due course.

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Congress Program

<b>Wednesday, October 21, 2015</b>
<i>Chairmen: Renee Boerefijn, Loders Croklaan B.V. and Matthias Claus, August Storck KG</i>
10:00 Welcome / Targets of the congress <a href="http://www.zds-solingen.de/index.php?id=11#c2098">Andreas Bertram, Managing Director, ZDS
10:15 Palm Oil: costs, sustainability and availability <a href="http://www.zds-solingen.de/index.php?id=771#c9344">Gerrit van Duijn, European Palm Oil Alliance
10:45 Commercially-available palm oil alternative <a href="http://www.zds-solingen.de/index.php?id=771#c9424">Dr. Nils Hinrichsen, ADM Research GmbH
11:15 Traceability in the focus of global flows of goods <a href="http://www.zds-solingen.de/index.php?id=771#c9423">Dr. Andreas Finger, Wessling Holding GmbH & Co.KG
11:45 <i>Coffee break</i>
<b>QUALITY CONTROL</b><br />
12:15 Food safety by means of quality control and risk managment of oil- and fat transports <a href="http://www.zds-solingen.de/index.php?id=771#c9431">Mar Verhoeff, Dr. A. Verwey B.V. - Rotterdam
12:45 Characterization of food by thermal analysis <a href="http://www.zds-solingen.de/index.php?id=771#c9343">Dr. Ekkehard Füglein, Technische Hochschule Nürnberg
13:15 <i>Lunch</i>
14:15 Low trans-fat frying fat blends and consumer acceptance <a href="http://www.zds-solingen.de/index.php?id=771#c9346">Dr. Nadine Dietz, ttz Bremerhaven
14:45 Case study: Modern quality control challenges - From customers' request to first truck delivery <a href="http://www.zds-solingen.de/index.php?id=771#c9386">Jens Faché, Fuji Oil Europe
15:15 <i>Coffee break / Demonstration</i>
16:15 Functional barriers against migration of residues (MOSH/MOA) into packed confectioneries <a href="http://www.zds-solingen.de/index.php?id=771#c9347">Heiko Diehl, BASF
16:45 Quality assurance and analytics in terms of the eligibility of cocoa butter of different quality and origin <a href="http://www.zds-solingen.de/index.php?id=771#c9433">Willem Zimmerman, Cargill B.V.
17:15 Panel discussion of the subject of: „What does the confectionery manufacturer expect of a partnership with the supplying industry?
18:00 <i>End of the first day / Festive dinner</i>
<b>Thursday, October 22, 2015</b>
<i>Chairmen: Kevin W. Smith, Fat Science Consulting Ltd. and Christine Pietsch, Bahlsen GmbH & Co. KG</i>
<b>TECHNOLOGY</b><br />
09:00 Development of methods to study the crystallization behaviour of fat <a href="http://www.zds-solingen.de/index.php?id=771#c9426">Yves Kegelaers, Cargill Belgien
09:30 Fat bloom control in practice <a href="http://www.zds-solingen.de/index.php?id=771#c9429">Kevin W. Smith, Fat Science Consulting Ltd.
10:00 Emulsion technology: The key for the production of low calorie compounds by emulsifiers? <a href="http://www.zds-solingen.de/index.php?id=771#c9428">Arne Pedersen, Palsgaard A/S
10:30 <i>Coffee break</i>
<b>NUTRITION</b><br />
11:00 Guideline of the „Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährung“: Fat consumption and prevention of selected nutrition-related diseases <a href="http://www.zds-solingen.de/index.php?id=771#c9432">Dr. Nicolai Worm, DHfPG Saarbrücken
11:30 Replacement potential of saturated fats with Omega-9 <a href="http://www.zds-solingen.de/index.php?id=771#c9356">Richard Burrell, DOW Seeds
12:00 Animal feed as a key for healthy, sustainable food production?! Antibiotic replacement by functional Fats and Fatty Acids <a href="http://www.zds-solingen.de/index.php?id=771#c9349">Ir. Jannes Doppenberg, Ph.D., Schothorst Research Center
<b>3-MCPD ISSUE</b><br />
12:30 Possibilities and processes for the reduction of 3-MCPD-ester in edible fats and oils <a href="http://www.zds-solingen.de/index.php?id=771#c9427">Prof. Dr. Bertrand Matthäus, Max-Rubner-Institut
13:00 <i>Lunch</i>
14:00 Refining of Oils and Fats - production of refined palm oil with reduced level of MCPDe and GE <a href="http://www.zds-solingen.de/index.php?id=771#c9385">Krish Bhaggan, Loders Croklaan B.V.
<b>STATUS-QUO: SUPPLY</b><br />
14:30 Outlook on current and future challenges of EU labelling regulations for oils and fats <a href="http://www.zds-solingen.de/index.php?id=771#c9345">Luisa Gambelli, Loders Croklaan B.V.
15:00 Oils and fats: The situation in the global raw material markets <a href="http://www.zds-solingen.de/index.php?id=771#c9425">Dietrich Holler DLG e.V.
15:30 <i>Final discussion - End of the congress</i>
-Subjects to change-

One of the reasons why to join this year's FAT Symposium is Jannes Doppenberg!

Animal feed as a key for healthy, sustainable food production?! Antibiotic replacement by functional Fats and Fatty Acids”. This will be one of the lectures which will be in focus of this year's FAT Symposium 2015.

Jannes Doppenberg, Ph.D, Senior account manager/Nutritionist at Schothorst Feed Research Lelystad, the Netherlands will give you answers to the following issue.

Fats and oils are important energy sources for animal feeds. Both animal fats as well as plant oils (in the form of triglycerides and free fatty acids) are used as feedstuffs with an addition rate of up to 5% depending on the species and production goals. Fat digestibility and the addition costs (compared to other fats & oils and energy sources) are the main determining factors for the inclusion rate and source used. Fat digestibility is strongly influenced by the fatty acid composition (fatty acid chain lenght and ratio of unsaturated to saturated of long chain fatty acids), the position of the fatty acids on the triglyceride molecule and emulsification.

Medium chain fatty acids are also used as an anti-microbial, aiding gut development and therefore reducing the need for (therapeutic) antibiotics in livestock production.
The fatty acid composition of animal products is strongly influenced by the amount and type of fat used in animal feeding. Omega-3 enriched animal products can be achieved by the addition of linseed (oil) or fish oils.

From a quality assurance perspective the absence of undesired (fat soluble) substances and peroxides is essential. From a nutritional perspective the total fatty acid content of the fats & oils is more important (predicting the digestible energy content). 

Do not miss Jannes's lecture at the FAT Symposium from October 21 - 22, 2015 at ZDS.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015, 10:00 am until
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ZDS-The Academy of Sweets
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Fee for members of the ZDS-association: 1295,- Euro
Fee for non-members:                            1695,- Euro
25% deduction for each further participant of a company

The fee includes the congress documentation (digital on USB-Card), refreshments, lunch and a festive buffet dinner at the first congress day.

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