The Framework Program

The frame program is something we are really proud for! In addition to a trend-exhibition presented by the company Innova Market Insights, there will be not only a demonstration on the new machine "ConfecEco" of Winkler und Dünnebier Süßwarenmaschinen GmbH but also an exhibition, organized by the chocolate mold museum which is lead by Michael Lothar Wolf, who is also owner of Lothar A. Wolf Spezialmaschinen GmbH. As a highlight Florian Horsch, HypeCask and Chris Völcker, Purmundus will proudly demonstrate, the use of a 3D printer for the confectionery industry.

Florian Horsch, HypeCask and Christoph Völcker, Purmundus proudly present the 3D-Printer for the confectionery and food industry!

Learn about the technology of 3D printers for the confectionery and food industry at this year's INTER PRALINE in theory and practice.

In this session you will get a brief overview of relevant 3D printing technologies and best examples of how to use them.

On the basis of this first information we will review current examples of food printing before we continue with the aspect of what might be possible in the future. Let’s try to gain insight into what is hype and what is adding real value and innovation to the food industry.

During this session we will also present a live demo of a food printer.

Guten Appetit! Enjoy your meal!

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Lecture-related demonstration of company Winkler und Dünnebier Süßwarenmaschinen GmbH

6 technologies in just 30 minutes - compact entry knowledge with subsequent live demo:

One-Shot, Triple-Shot, enzymatic liquefaction, centrifugation, cold stamping, rotation
Main ingredient for attractive and flavourful outstanding chocolates is know-how.
In addition to the appropriate machinery for the economical production WDS advises in the matter of process engineering.

  • What are the arguments for which technologies?
  • What are the limitations of each technology?
  • How to select the optimum plant for every application and every budget?
  • How are large-sized figures with the same shell thickness produced?
  • What is the relationship between output, precision, space requirement and investment costs?

Based on the One-Shot technology, the new plant line WDS ConfecECO works - compact, affordable, flexible.
The new WDS rotation system enables the production of small and large hollow figures with or without filling. The filling is done in a separate process step through a bunghole, which is then sealed.
A special attraction offer products with liquid core. The patented method of WDS enzymatic liquefaction is based on production in the One-Shot method. Shell- and filling masses have similar parameters for a perfect depositing, but then the filling mass must be liquid again.
Details, conditions and how the proposed methods work in practice, WDS shows live in the lecture and at the new pilot plant of ZDS.


Trend-Exhibition by company Innova Market Insights B.V.

The Innova Database is an online, cutting-edge food and beverage product database – created by a dedicated team of industry-leading food and beverage experts that collect the latest data from more than 70 countries. This allows you to instantly track the latest and greatest food and beverage trends and innovations with just the click of a mouse. At Innova, our goal is simple – help you stay ahead of the curve. The Innova Database will help you monitor category and sector activity, explore trends and generate ideas, while informing your colleagues & customers.

The Innova Database was designed by leading food and beverage professionals for leading food and beverage manufacturers, and is widely recognized as a leading source of new product tracking, trends, and innovations available anywhere, at any price. Key companies around the globe rely on the Innova Database to inspire their marketing teams, power up their innovation process, keep tabs on their competitors, & track new technologies.

Innova Market Insights published the top trends in the industry every year. This presentation and especially the exhibition will introduce these trends and show how they apply to chocolate and praline products tracked by the Innova Database.


Michael L. Wolf presents his historically chocolate-mould collection

Michael Lothar Wolf besitzt gut 6.000 Ex­po­nate von Schokoladenformen. Ei­nige For­men sind mehr als hun­dert Jahre alt. Das Schokoladenformenmuseum eröffnete er 2007 gemeinsam mit seiner Frau Sandra, gelegen in einer landschaftlich reizvollen Umgebung an den Ausläufern des Teutoburger Waldes.

­Im Haupt­be­ruf ist er Chef ei­ner Ma­schi­nen­firma zur Scho­ko­la­den­her­stel­lung. Die Firma be­steht in vier­ter Ge­ne­ra­tion. Ein wei­te­res Scho­ko­la­den­for­men-Mu­seum gibt es in Dres­den, aber das Brün­tor­fer exis­tierte eher, so dass es sich als ers­tes Scho­ko­la­den­for­men-Mu­seum be­zeich­nen darf.

Geöff­net hat das  Mu­seum nur auf Vor­an­frage un­ter Te­le­fon 05266-929951. Nähere In­fos zum Mu­seum gibt es auch im In­ter­net un­ter »ww­w.­scho­ko­la­den­for­men­mu­se­um.­de«.

Einige seiner schönsten Schaustücke wird Michael Wolf als Highlight auf der INTER PRALINE ausstellen. Das sollten Sie sich nicht entgehen lassen!

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