Web-Seminar: All about cocoa (Part 2) SDC-2213

23.05 - 24.05.2022

Cocoa, food of gods - The second part of the web-seminar deals with possible contaminants and ways to reduce or control them.

Cocoa - This is the basis of every chocolate, the raw material around which everything revolves and which, as the basis, determines the quality and taste of the end product.

In the second part of the web seminar we will deal with Mosh-Moah, aluminum, cadmium, pesticides and other contaminants and take a closer look at them. Here, knowledge about the substances and possible new sources (e.g. glyphosate) will be imparted and possibilities of reduction will be considered. 

The second part is also offered as a web seminar and can be booked independently of the first part.

After your registration you will receive the access data for the seminar from us, which will be executed via our video conferencing tool.


Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions of the speaker after each presentation - should questions still arise after the web seminar, Ms. Schuster-Salas is offering a one-time telephone consultation service exclusively for participants. 


Target group:

  • The web seminar is aimed at those interested in the entire value chain of the cocoa and chocolate processing confectionery industry.
  • This includes the areas of marketing & purchasing, product development, and production & quality assurance.




Tags used: #cocoa,#we-seminar


23.05.2022 – 24.05.2022  |  Solingen

All about cocoa Part 2


23.05.2022 | 13:00 o'clock


24.05.2022 | 18:00 o'clock




Participant limit

30 Participants for this seminar
3 Participants  per company


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Participant fee

875,00 €

Reduced Participant fee (only for members of ZDS e.V.)

695,00 €

Services included

  • Seminar documents
  • Certificate of attendance

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