Future of Confectionery: Plant Based Solutions CIS-940 Seminar expired

29.10. - 30.10.2019

The Future of Confectionery: Plant-Based Confectionery, Bakery & Ice Cream Solutions


The market for plant-based (vegan) foods is growing rapidly, as a result of increasing consumer awareness for the environment, health and animal welfare. Plant-based has gone ‘mainstream’ and consumers demand more choice, better quality and more sustainable producs. But food manufacturers face challenges: removing animal ingredients (proteins, oils/fats, eggs) affects the texture, taste and nutrition of the final product. It takes substantial reformulation and processing adjustments to compensate for elimination of e.g. gelatin from marshmallows, eggs from muffins or milk products from ice cream. This congress will give solutions and tools to answer the question: how to develop plant-based confectionery, bakery & ice cream without compromising on texture & taste?


Main focus:

- Market and Trends

- Discovering Plant Based Trend Ingredients

- Challenges of Plant Based Sweets

- Functionality of Plant Based Ingredients in Sweets

- Milk Replacement Concepts

- Egg Replacement Concepts

- Gelatine Replacement Concepts

Target audience:

-       Managers & specialists from industry – Marketing, R&D, Production

-       Sugar confectionery, Bakery, Ice Cream industry


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29.10.2019 – 30.10.2019  |  Solingen

Future of Confectionery: Plant Based Solutions


29.10.2019 | 09:00 o'clock


30.10.2019 | 16:00 o'clock



ZDS - Die Süßwaren-Akademie
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42653 Solingen

Participant limit

120 Participants for this seminar
3 Participants  per company


  • DE
  • EN

Participant fee

1.590,00 €

Reduced Participant fee (only for members of ZDS e.V.)

1.290,00 €

Services included

  • Congress documentation
  • Refreshments: snacks and drinks
  • Lunch at both congress days
  • Festive congress dinner at the first day

This seminar is already expired and can not be booked.

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