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Whistleblower - CHOCO TEC - The Web Seminar - "ChocoTec - here and now" CIO-2116

June, 9th, 2021

CHOCO TEC is one of the most successful congresses and most important meeting places for the chocolate industry. As a special alternative to this year's Choco Tec we offer you our digital web seminar series "Whistleblower - CHOCO TEC".

As a special alternative to this year's Choco Tec we offer you our digital web seminar series "Whistleblower - CHOCO TEC". 

We present the web seminar with a series of lectures, which are divided into 5 blocks. This allows you to flexibly choose which series is of particular interest to you and to follow it conveniently from your workplace or home office.

Of course, our experts will be available for questions and discussions in the usual manner after the presentations.

The fourth web seminar of the series will take place on June 9, 2021 and the last block is planned for September 9, 2021.

After booking here on our website, you will receive the access data and further information about the event by e-mail.


09.06.2021 - Topic bloc: "ChocoTec - here and now"

Moderation: Christa Schuster-Salas und Dr. Torben Erbrath

Starting time: 10.00 h

    • Contaminants, diseases, climate change - Current and future challenges of cocoa cultivation and solution strategies
    • Quality & safety through automated optical sorting  - Detection and removal of aflatoxin contaminated ingredients
    • Micro cutting process a new technology for chocolate, confectionery and rework processing
    • Plant Craft: key to indulgent plant based chocolate
    • Holistic approach to sugar reduction in chocolate
    • Aromatic and physical changes during the plastic conching phase  of dark chocolate


Preview of the next blocs and topics:

09.09.2021 - Topic bloc: Sustainability

  • Sustaining high-quality cocoa production
  • Sustainability along the Chocolate Value Stream
  • Packaging caught between Sustainability and Digital Transformation
  • Climate action in cocoa production
  • Edible insects protein: source of the future!
  • Insect protein powder - substitute for milk powder?
  • Eco design of packaging WITH plastic


Tags used: #Whistleblower,#ChocoTec


09.06.2021  |  Solingen

Whistleblower – CHOCO TEC-Choco Tec here and now-


09.06.2021 | 10:00 o'clock


09.06.2021 | 16:00 o'clock



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