Pan-Coating: Practical Introduction Course 16. – 20.07.2018 PES-814 Seminar abgelaufen

This course focuses on the production techniques of panned products. The participants get to know the characteristics of the raw materials and the production technology in theory and practice.

In this course the characteristics of the ingredients as well as the involved process technology and production techniques will be discussed in detail. During practice, participants work with conventional panning equipment composed of several, different sized rotating pans. Furthermore demonstrations are given on an automatic pan and a chocolate belt coating system.

Theoretical and practical topics:

  • Hard panned goods (chocolate lentils)
  • Soft panned goods (jelly beans, etc.)
  • Chocolate panned goods (hazelnuts, almonds, crisps)

Who should attend?

  • Food technologists from the confectionery industry working in R & D
  • Technical service and supportive personnel of the raw material and machinery industry
  • Members of manufacturing companies, who need a technical introduction into this topic
  • People interested in this topic who want to gain further knowledge


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16.07.2018 – 20.07.2018  |  Solingen

Pan-coating: Practical Introduction Course


16.07.2018 | 14:00 Uhr


20.07.2018 | 13:00 Uhr




ZDS - Die Süßwaren-Akademie
De-Leuw-Str. 3-9
42653 Solingen

Maximale Teilnehmeranzahl

15 Teilnehmer im gesamten Seminar
3 Teilnehmer  je Unternehmen


  • EN


2.495,00 €

Reduzierte Teilnahmegebühr (nur für Mitglieder der ZDS e.V.)

1.975,00 €


  • Course documentation on USB flash card
  • Refreshments: snacks and drinks
  • Lunch and dinner at the ZDS refectory

Dieses Seminar ist abgelaufen und kann nicht gebucht werden.

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