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Vegan Chocolate and Fillings - Raw materials, characteristics, production technology - Web-Seminar PEC-2105

03.03. - 04.03.2021

More and more consumers are choosing a vegetarian or completely vegan lifestyle. Meanwhile many manufacturers adapted themselves to the characteristics of this nourishing way and manufacture vegan chocolates.


In this web-seminar we will show alternatives for the products of animal origin contained in the chocolates and discuss special features of production.
There are also no limits to the creativity of the chocolatiers when it comes to fillings for chocolates and pralines - here we present new ideas and raw materials.

Target audience:

•  Employees of chocolate and confectionery industry: Production staff, product development, quality assurance, marketing, sales staff

• Employees from raw material and machinery suppliers

• Chocolatiers

• Small chocolate companies


We are sending product and market samples (optional). Min. 15 chocolates, compounds and fillings.

Therefore, please register in time so that the samples can reach you in time.



Our speakers:

Nele Marike Eble from Chokumi

Behind every artist lies the pursuit of perfection, perseverance and unbridled passion. When Nele Marike Eble discovered praline making for herself in the late summer of 2011 - or maybe praline making discovered Nele - it was all over her and the praline craze was born.

Her career as a self-made chocolatière began with the well-visited blog "Pralinenwahnsinn" and developed four years later into one of the most highly regarded praline schools. Today, Nele is not only the owner of the popular corporate world of Chokumi, she is also one of only 37 certified chocolate sommeliers that currently exist in Germany.

An honor and distinction that is only awarded after successfully passing advanced training by the Akademie Deutsches Bäckerhandwerk Weinheim e.V. (federal academy of all bakers' associations) in cooperation with the chocolate experts from Barry Callebaut. Furthermore, Nele is a member of the Jeunes Restaurateurs gourmet network, an elite association of young restaurateurs at the top level.


Marjolein Regelink, Ashbury, GB

Marjolein has a Masters in International and European Law; she joined Ashbury 7 years ago as an junior International Regulatory Advisor and is now our Product Information Team Lead for International Clients. Originally from the Netherlands, Marjolein has honed her skills and developed an extensive knowledge of EU, Dutch, Belgian and UK food law. With her comprehensive understanding of legislation, she helps businesses to understand and apply legislation in a practical and pragmatic way. Having experience with vegan chocolate legislation she will be a great fit – her blog on the matter is featured on our website…






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03.03.2021 – 04.03.2021  |  Solingen

Vegan Chocolate and Fillings - Raw materials, caracteristics, production technology


03.03.2021 | 13:00 Uhr


04.03.2021 | 17:00 Uhr




ZDS - Die Süßwaren-Akademie
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