Confectionery and chocolate fillings - Web-Seminar Block 2 PEC-2114/2 Seminar expired

14.07.2021 - Water based fillings, jellies, aerated products and fillings

In this course we focus on fillings for pralines and chocolates. This block deals about water-based fillings, jellies and aerated products: Here you will get the necessary knowledge about raw materials, processing techniques and recipes.

Program - Block 2


12:30      Welcome

 Jellies and water based chocolate fillings:           

  • Introduction: Types of jellies and water based chocolate fillings and market products
  • Pectin jellies and Pate de fruit
  • Agar Agar Jellies
  • Starch jellies type Lokum
  • Marmelade type fillings
  • Raw materials: Sugar, glucose syrup, humectants, hydrocolloids, acids, flavors, fruit pastes
  • Recipes, composition
  • Water content and water activity
  • Production process
  • Starch and starchless depositing and enrobing with chocolate
  • Depositing in chocolate shells
  • Troubleshooting

  Pectin Jellies - Raw material, pectin types, gelation process, textrues, recipes

  N.N., Herbstreith & Fox GmbH & Co. KG

Aerated  Products for enrobed chocolate products:

  • Introduction: Types of aerated products and market products
  • Angel kiss
  • Marshmallow (deposited and extruded)
  • Marshmallow (grained and ungrained)
  • Nougat Montelimar
  • Candy bar – Nougat
  • Production process: Cooking, aeration, depositing and extrusion process
  • Enrobing and moulding process
  • Troubleshooting
  • 17:30   End of the Block



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Target audience:

• Employees of industrial chocolate manufacturers

• Production staff, product development, quality assurance, marketing, sales staff

• Employees from raw material and machinery suppliers


Samples will be sent prior to the seminar at an additional cost of 50,00 €. To get the samples on time please do your booking as soon as possible.

Further Blocks:

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2. Water based fillings, jellies, aerated products and fillings14.07.2021

3. Liquid chocolate fillings and caramel 16.06.2021

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5. Nougat, Gianduja and Marzipan 07.09.2021

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8. Forming technologies 15.12.2021

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14.07.2021  |  Solingen

Water based fillings, jellies, aerated products and fillings


14.07.2021 | 13:00 o'clock


14.07.2021 | 17:00 o'clock


a. Types of water based fillings and market products
b.  Raw materials
c. Process of pectin jellies
d. Process of Agar jellies
e. Aeration technology



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