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25.08.2021 - Fat based fillings

In this course we focus on fillings for pralines and chocolates. This block deals about fat-based fillings: Here you will get the necessary knowledge about raw materials, processing techniques and recipes.



Wednesday, August 25, 2021

 13:00   Welcome

 Fat based fillings and spreads

  •  Introduction: Types of fat based fillings and market products
  • Raw materials: Sugars, milk ingredients, emulsifiers, flavors
  • Raw material: Vegetable fats
  • Recipes, composition
  • Production process and equipments
  • Depositing and Forming processes
  • Vegan fat based fillings
  • Problematic fat bloom - focus on fat based fillings

    Vegetable fats for compound
  • CBE, CBI, CBR, CBS       
  • Characteristics
  • Recipes
  • Compatibility, Eutectic point

17:30 End of the Block

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Target audience:

• Employees of industrial chocolate manufacturers

• Production staff, product development, quality assurance, marketing, sales staff

• Employees from raw material and machinery suppliers


Samples will be sent prior to the seminar at an additional cost of 50,00 €. To get the samples on time please do your booking as soon as possible.


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25.08.2021  |  Solingen

Fat based fillings


25.08.2021 | 13:00 o'clock


25.08.2021 | 17:00 o'clock


a. Types of fat based fillings and market products
b. Raw materials
c. Production process - overview
d. Ball mill
e. Universal conche
f. Depositing technology



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