Confectionery and chocolate fillings - Web-Seminar Block 8 PEC-2114-8

15.12.2021 - Forming technologies

In this course we deal exclusively with fillings for pralines and chocolates. Here you will get the necessary knowledge about raw materials, processing techniques and recipes.

Focus of the course:

a. Types of fondant with market products

b. Raw materials

c. Production process of raw fondant

d. Invertase

e. Deposited fondant, extruded, decoration


Focus is laid on the production of fillings in theory as well as on molding and enrobing techniques.

Target audience:

• Employees of industrial chocolate manufacturers

• Production staff, product development, quality assurance, marketing, sales staff

• Employees from raw material and machinery suppliers


Samples will be sent prior to the seminar at an additional cost of 50,00 €. To get the samples on time please do your booking as soon as possible.

1. Fondant raw mass, fondant, fondant glazings 19.05.2021

2. Water based fillings, jellies, aerated products and fillings14.07.2021

3. Liquid chocolate fillings and caramel 17.06.2021

4. Fat based fillings 25.08.2021

5. Nougat, Gianduja and Marzipan 07.09.2021

6. Truffle and ganache 06.10.2021

7. Hard, soft and laminated crocant 03.11.2021

8. Forming technologies 15.12.2021

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15.12.2021  |  Solingen

Forming technologies


15.12.2021 | 13:00 Uhr


15.12.2021 | 17:00 Uhr


a. One Shot
b.  Depositing technology
c.  Frozen cone
d.  Frozen shell
e.  Hollow figure
f. Klassisches system



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