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81. PES-417 Practical Course in Sugar Confectionery (99 hours Intensive Course)  
... in the full-time training for personnel in chocolate and confectionery industry, both from Europe and... diploma in chocolate and sugar confectionery technology. Participants, who obtain at least 50% of the...  
82. Seminar // abgelaufen // : Manufacturing of Licorice (PES-618)  
... and experience in raw materials and process technology ensuring the desired distinctive textures and...  
83. Seminar // abgelaufen // : Forum Frozen Bakery Products 05. – 06.06.2018 (CIB-841)  
... market. However, raw materials, manufacturing technology and marketing raise numerous challenges for the...  
84. CIC-834 CHOCO TEC  
... Schuster-Salas 13:15 Welcome to the world of chocolate: Hot subjects that move the chocolate industry... 12:45 Lunch SESSION A3 Chocolate processing technology Chairmen: Dr. Peter Braun & Andreas...  
85. Seminar // abgelaufen // : Whistleblower - CHOCO TEC - The Web Seminar - "A firm eye on the future" (OIC-2026)  
... and most important meeting places for the chocolate industry. As a special alternative to this...  
86. Seminar: Inter Ice 2022 (CII-2234)  
... the latest developments in ice cream research and technology by experts from research and practice.  
87. PNC-505 Bereidingstechnologie van chocolade en cacaoprodukten  
... Organisatie: Dorus HOUWELING, Cargill Cocoa and Chocolate B.V. Henri KAMPHUIS, Cargill Cocoa and Chocolate... Cours Leader Normann Wagner Ch. Eng. Food Technology Technical Instructor Chocolate ZDS  
88. Equipment Technical Departments  
... machines. Chocolate Department Here chocolate is made directly from bean to bar. The entire... technical department provides the process technology for continuous and discontinuous ...  
89. Seminar // abgelaufen // : Workshop: Sugarfree and sugar reduced confectionery (WES-2033)  
... the available raw materials and differences in technology.  
90. Seminar // abgelaufen // : Chewing Gum and Bubble Gum: Practical Introduction Course (PES-943)  
...This course focuses on chewing gum and bubble gum production technology. The participants receive theoretical...  
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