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1. Modern, interactive product development at the ZDS  
The development of new products is an important opportunity for many manufacturers to realize growth in existing markets or to differentiate themselves from their competitors. But how functions  
2. Seminar: CHOCO TEC - 03.12. - 05.12.2018 (CIC-834)  
Dear chocolate lovers, we would like to invite you to join us again when the international chocolate industry meets for the CHOCO TEC 2018 at the Congress Centre North of the KölnMesse. Every two  
3. Seminar: Chocolate Fillings & Spreads Technology: Practical Course (PEC-807)  
This course presents the technologies and raw materials involved in the manufacturing of filled chocolates and spreads. Focus is laid on the production of fillings and spreads in theory and practice  
4. Seminar: Forum Roasting Technology (CIO-837)  
Consumer demand for food is increasing. For this reason, among other things, the focus is more on the aroma-relevant production steps at the manufacturer, and on roasting, on cocoa in particular. In  
5. Seminar // abgelaufen // : Forum Frozen Bakery Products (CIB-841)  
The frozen bakery segment is a growth market. However, raw materials, manufacturing technology and marketing raise numerous challenges for the producer. Besides the very positive volume growth,  
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