International Congress for Additive Manufacturing and 3D food printing for the Confectionery and Snack Industry

On the first congress day, experts from science and industry give an elaborated overview about the potentials of additive manufacturing for the confectionery machine construction as well as for product development of confectionery and snacks. Application areas of this new technology are presented as well as the different printing techniques and materials. Of course, the economic efficiency of the methods will also be in focus. Besides the topic "prototyping", also serial production of parts is dealt with. Thus the participants get profound theoretical information with various application examples.

Therefore the first day is a "must" for machine construction companies and product developers in the confectionery and snack branche. 

On the second day of the event, the potentials of 3D food printing for customized products and future serial production will be presented. Renowned food printing experts from all over the world give a detailed overview on the current status of development, application areas, printing materials and methods like extrusion and powder bed printing, and provide an outlook for this still young technology for the future.

The Congress Program

We are very pleased to present you a real high-class program at our congress "INNOFORUM 2017: International Congress for Additive Manufacturing and 3D Food Printing for the Confectionery and Snack Industry". In order to inform you comprehensively and at the same time specifically about the potentials of 3D printing and additive manufacturing, the conference has three main focuses:

• Potentials for food machinery industry: wear and spare parts; serial production
• Potentials for product development: prototypes and small series
• Potentials for the printing of food: individualization and new product concepts

Of course, printing methods and materials will also be in focus.

Germany is one of the leading countries in the field of additive manufacturing, which is why we are glad to present you numerous experts from Germany for the first day of the congress.

On the other hand, the subject of 3D food printing is very international. Therefore renowned experts from all over the world will talk about this topic during the congress in Solingen.

PROGRAM you will find her!

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