Practical Training offered by Practicing Experts to Facilitate Expert Practice

Apart from the profound theoretical expertise the ZDS specialist teachers and independent course instructors have to offer, our practical seminars benefit most from our practical facilities’ excellent equipment.

The ample ambience in our technical centers for chocolate and confectionary make practical seminars an unforgettable and effective experience. Besides being imparted professional knowledge, the students also benefit from exchanging thoughts with other participants in the seminar.

Program 2014

Practical Course in Chocolate Manufacturing (PEC-403) [E]

Einführungspraktikum Schokolade (PDC-404) [D]

Einführungspraktikum Schokolade (Wiederholung) (PDC-405) [D]

Curso Industrial de Practicas de Chocolate (PSC-402)

Centers & Fillings for Chocolate (PEC-406) [E]

Practical Course in Chocolate (PEC-407] [E]

• CHOCO TEC (CIC-439) [D,E,R]

Languages: [D=Greman]; [E=English]; [S=Spanish]; [R=Russian]

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