The Program - INTER PRALINE 2017

Monday, December, 2017
19.00 Welcome-Get-Together & Foyer-Exhibition and Fingerfood + Demonstration of chocolates
21.00 End of the evening
Tuesday, December 05, 2017
Presenters: Johanna Stevens und Andreas Reichert
9:00 Congress-Opening and welcome by : Andreas Bertram, ZDS
Topic 1: International market development and product trends
9:15 Arabic chocolates in europe: Growth market or niche product? Iyad Slik, Maison du Slik, DE
9:45 Belgian chocolates: The long road to the name of origin -Special quality as element for market security- Daisy Dejonghe, Barry Callebaut Belgium NV
10:15 Farm to Bar - Authentic single origin chocolate Oliver Coppeneur, Confiserie Coppeneur et Compagnon GmbH, DE
10:45 Product sample presentation "Belgian chocolates" and Foyer-Exhibition and Handing over of Macintyre Refiner / Chonche of Hamburg Dresdner Maschinenfabriken GmbH
11:45 E-Commerce for the chocolates market: Hype or Future Trend Susan Weißflug, Chocri GmbH. DE
12:15 Life is like a box of chocolates - Cultural functions of chocolates from a nutritional sociological perspective Dr. Daniel Kofahl, APEK - Büro für Agrarpolitik und Ernährungskultur, DE
12:45 Lunch
Topic 2: Raw materials: Qualities, Availabilities, procedures
14:00 Alternativ raw materials and procedures for vegan chocolates Solvejg Klein, Das Bernsteinzimmer, DE
14:30 Bitter off-taste in hazelnuts: Molecular principles as well as biotic and abiotic factors Dr. Andreas Dunkel, TU München
15:00 Latest developments on palm oil markets: Availability of 2,3-MCPD and GE -reduced, sustainable palm fats as well as alternative fats and oils Melanie Klasen, Walter Rau AG, DE
15:30 Product sample presentation "Arabic chocolates" and Foyer-Exhibition
Topic 3: Innovative technological developments
16:30 Next Generation of one shot technology Andy Maetzler, Aasted ApS, DK
17:00 Innovative rotatation technology when manufacturing hollow figures Uwe Bindler, Bindler Ingenieurbüro für Lebensmitteltechnik, DE
17:30 Plants for the flexible manufacturing of small series Joel Tschannen, Knobel Maschinenbau AG, DE
18:00 Final discussion and end of the first congress day
18:20 Festive dinner
Wednesday, December 06, 2017
8:50 Opening of the 2. second congress day and welcome
Topic 4: Latest research on cocoa butter crystallization
9:00 Latest product concepts for tropical chocolates Prof. Dr. Koen Dewettinck, Ghent University/Cacaolab, BE
9:30 The influence of minor components on cocoa butter crystallization Miriam Müller, Hochschule Trier, DE
10:00 Quality improvement by means of ultrasonic measurement in the determination of the degree of crystallization of cocoa butter Prof. Imogen Foubert, KU Leuven, BE
10:30 Product sample presentation and Foyer-Exhibition
Topic 5: Modern quality control
11:30 In the focus of MOSH / MOAH: Causes and avoidance of raw material contamination Martin Lommatzsch, Labor Lommatzsch, DE
12:00 An overview: Optical sorting of raw materials using infrared technology (NIR) Johan Abbink, Key Technology, NL
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Modern optimization methods for the confectionery industry Volker Sudowe, IPAL Institut, DE
Topic 6: Digitization in production
14:30 Remote maintenance in the digital age: Augmented and Virtual Reality for time and quality gains Kai Wegner, Exozet Berlin GmbH, DE
15:00 Product sample presentation and Foyer-Exhibition
15:30 Outlook into the future: Networking potentials of confectionery manufacturing and packaging plants Dr.-Ing. Egbert Röhm, THEEGARTEN-PACTEC GmbH & Co. KG
16:00 Vertical integration from the business level (ERP) to the machines (project examples with SAP MES) Erich Übelmesser, IGZ Ingenieurgesellschaft für logistische Informationssysteme mbH+, DE
16:30 Final discussion
16:45 End of the congress
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