New web-seminar: All about cocoa from April 05, to April 06, 2022

Cocoa - The food of the gods! From the bean to the cocoa mass - learn everything about the superfood in this web seminar.

Objectives and content of this web-seminar

Cocoa - This is the basis of all chocolate, the raw material around which everything revolves and which, as a base, determines the quality and taste of the end product.

From the Incas to the industrial processing into cocoa mass and cocoa butter, we will talk about cocoa: In the web seminar we give you details and information about the cocoa varieties, cultivation, care of the plantations, certification.

Furthermore, we look at how to support local cocoa farmers and talk about post-harvest treatment, fermenting and drying, storage and further processing of the bean into cocoa liquor and cocoa butter.

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