Modern, interactive product development at the ZDS

The development of new products is an important opportunity for many manufacturers to realize growth in existing markets or to differentiate themselves from their competitors. But how functions nowadays a time and cost efficient product development, using new methods and media? The seminar "Modern, interactive product development" from 27. - 28.02 at the ZDS gave an insight.

First, Susanne Winter from Esarom GmbH gave an overview of global food trends and product examples as a basis for product research.

For many years now, clear trends came apparent: sugar and / or fat-free, vegan, sustainable, hand-made or particularly exotic and colorful - the customer wants to feel that he is doing something good for his body and the environment and buy a product as individual as possible - especially for indulgence.

But what is a "successful" idea anyway and how do you continue after that?

This was shown by Peter Mark, graduate food technologist and self-employed food expert, to the participants.

Afterwards the participants learned the basics of aroma development with Stefan Kotynek (Esarom) and created their own aroma directly and live with the “Overnight process”. The aroma could be used the next day directly in the production of fruity candies and chocolate.

Of course, these candies were also tested - comments from the participants: "hmm, yummy!"

More lectures by experts about  the importance of colors in the product development of confectionery (Bettina Keim, Barry Callebaut Deutschland GmbH) or coloring foods (Maike Frerichs, GNT Europe GmbH) and the importance of the date of minimum durability in product development (Bernd Huppertz, Rübezahl Schokoladen GmbH) rounded off the overall coherent concept of the seminar.

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