New web seminar series: ChocoTec - Whistleblower

As a special alternative to the cancelled Choco Tec this year, we offer you our digital web seminar "Whistleblower - CHOCO TEC". We will present the web seminar to you with a series of lectures that are divided into 5 blocks.

The third part of the series will take place on 14.04.2021 entitled "Chocolate up-to-date" and will be accompanied by high-ranking speakers such as Dr. Lucas Grob, ETH Zurich, Karin Chatelain from the Zurich University of Applied Sciences or Dr. Eleni Ioannidi from the University of Copenhagen, DK.

In the third block of our "Whistleblower" series, everything revolves around the topics of analytics, technology and processing of chocolate.

Here are some voices of our participants of the "Whistleblower" web seminar on 09.12.2020:

"Very interesting, exciting presentations."

"The content came across almost better than live, the discussion was very lively and could have used more time. Questions from attendees were very relevant and educational."


Further topic blocks:

09.06.2021 - Topic block: "ChocoTec - here and now"

09.09.2021 - Topic block: Sustainability

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