The European Candy Kettle Club awards sponsorship prize

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the ZDS e.V., the European Candy Kettle Club has initiated a sponsorship award endowed with 5,000 EUR for use in further education for adults.

The Club honours each year a company representative from the European confectionery industry who has excelled in the confectionery, chocolate and biscuit industry in research and development, innovation in product quality and production techniques and outstanding marketing and sales implementation, as well as a unique contribution to the industry's progress.

In recognition of these achievements, the winner will receive a traditional miniature copper kettle and a certificate at the awards ceremony.

Starting this year the European Candy Kettle Club will also donate an additional prize money to the winner in a special form: Employees of the company will be able to attend seminars and further training courses at the ZDS to the value of the sponsorship prize awarded.

The money from the sponsorship award is well invested. For more than 70 years now, the ZDS has been known worldwide for its seminars and further training courses (www.zds-solingen.de). Every year, participants from more than 30 nations take part in professional conferences and internships, both on-site and online. The focus of these events is on topics related to ingredients, product development, quality assurance and production technology for confectionery.

Well-trained specialists are the guarantee for ensuring the qualitative performance of modern companies - with the European Candy Kettle Club's sponsorship award, the employees of the award winner can now benefit from this expertise in a special form.

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