Future of confectionery: Ingredients for sweets from April, 28 to April, 29, 2020

Once again, the ISM has shown it clearly: In addition to excellent taste, the trend in confectionery is towards "that special extra" - whether in the form of healthier, sugar- or fat-reduced confectionery, functional snacks or products with a special "mouth-feeling". The trend towards more plant-based foods will also continue. The development of modern products requires innovative ingredients, technological know-how and well thought-out product concepts.

The ZDS seminar "Future of confectionery: Ingredients for sweets" from 28.04. - 29.04.2020 will deal intensively with the topics of food pairing, reformulation and protein or fibre fortification. In the case of hemp as a trend raw material, we will take a look at the North American markets and benefit from the experience there.

A further topic is the legal basis and the general conditions for the processing of new raw materials. The seminar is rounded off by lectures on biochemical and physical process steps.

Find here more information about this seminar.

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