Chocolatier-course: 3. module on the topic of fillings

On Monday, 13.07.2020 we will continue with the 3rd module of the Chocolatier course! The main topic of this module will be the production of fillings and fondants, such as the production of crusty goods with or without alcohol.

On Wednesday, Kurt T'Hooft and Simon Meyer from Stephan Machinery will join the participants in making truffles, ganache and nut masses with the Equipment of ProXES Chocolate.

With Kurt T'Hooft and Simon Meyer, we were able to gain two long-time experts who have experience in diverse areas of chocolate production. Kurt T'Hooft worked as a chef de cuisine and as an artisan chocolat processor and has been working together with the Belgian chocolate ambassador Bart von Cauwenberghe and the company Foodpairing.

Simon Meyer will do the practical demonstrations with the ProXES Equipment. He is chocolate food technologist, chocolatier and patissier with a large experience, for example as deputy chef chocolatier at Pierre Hermé in Paris.

By the way: The Chocolatier course (only in German) is planned again for next year - more information on this can be found from September on our website: www.zds-solingen.de

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