New web seminar series: ChocoTec - Whistleblower

As a special alternative to the cancelled Choco Tec this year, we offer you our digital web seminar "Whistleblower - CHOCO TEC". We will present the web seminar to you with a series of lectures that are divided into 5 blocks.

The series begins on December 9, 2020 with the thematic block "A firm eye on the future" and is accompanied by high-ranking speakers such as Prof. Erich Windhab, Dr. Tobias Voigt and Ynzo van Zanten from the sustainable trend brand Tony's Chocolonely.

For the first block of our "Whistleblower" series, we have put together a great mix of the latest findings on markets, trends and declaration for you:

  • ChocConnect - Efficient production of chocolate
    Dr. Ing. Tobias Voigt Group Management AG Intelligent Production Systems 
  • Clean Cacao - Roadmap to lab grown chocolate
    Yannick Senn & Géraldine Gubser, Zurich University of Applied Sciences, CH
  • Industrial chocolate cooling - analyzed and optimized
    Prof. Erich Windhab, ETH Zurich Laboratory of Food Process Engineering, CH
  • First steps to Autonomous Winnowing - Real-time performance changes and necessary optimizations
    Dr. Tobias Lohmüller, Hamburg Dresdner Maschinenfabriken GmbH, Dresden, DE
  • The story of an unusual chocolate bar
    Ynzo van Zanten, Tony's Chocolonely, Amsterdam, NL

Further topic blocks:

09.02.2021 - Topic block: "Cocoa up-to-date"

14.04.2021 - Theme block: "Chocolate up to date"

09.06.2021 - Topic block: "ChocoTec - here and now"

09.09.2021 - Topic block: Sustainability

You can find more information here.

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