Equipment / Technical Facilities

Candy Department

This department is specifically equipped for the production of high and low boilings.
The ZDS provides of the following technologies:

  • batch and film cookers
  • forming lines for high boilings (centre-filled and solid)
  • one-shot depositing
  • low boiling line with cutting and wrapping machine
  • aeration technology (sugar pulling machine, continuous and discontinuous pressure whip).

Chocolate Department

Equipped for the production of chocolate starting out from the cocoa bean. The beans are micronised, crushed and separated from the shells, roasted and ground. The ZDS provides of equipment for 2 chocolate manufacturing processes: the single stage refining process and conching. Following conching, the chocolate is tempered, moulded and wrapped. A centrifuge for chocolate hollows and a cocoa press afford additional possibilities.

Pastry and Snack Department

The ZDS provides of state-of-the-art technical equipment for the production of wafers, biscuits, crackers, ginger bread, extruded snacks and much more. Special features are the moulding rolls in combination with a band oven, the automatic wafer machine and twin-screw extruder.

Pralines Department

The department is equipped for the production of gum and jelly articles on the one hand and chocolates, pralines on the other hand.

For the production of gum and jelly articles, the ZDS provides of a pressure dissolver and jet cooker for mass preparation and a starch room. Articles are manually deposited or by a modern one-shot depositor.

In the pralines sector, the ZDS offers various types of equipment for the production of different kinds of centre-fillings and finished products. The fondant creamer, Nugama roaster, enrobing machine with cooling tunnel and one-shot depositor are to be mentioned in this context.

Panning Department

Every kind of panned product can be produced at the ZDS in traditional coating pans, but also on an automatic panning line.

New: Ice Cream Department

Supported by the ZDS member companies there grows currently step a new pilot plant in the 2nd basement that will be built not only for the training of the ZDS apprentices but also for other national and international internships.

The core equipment are so far the Diagonal Freezer G9 Dicom touch and the Pasteurizierer E 600/45 CPS from the company Kälte-Rudi.In the coming weeks and months, the Centre will be complemented with a shock-freezer, a frozen island, a storage freezer and various ice moulds.

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