What makes the ZDS special: The Equipment

Candy Department



Three pilot plants are available for the production  of  hard  and  soft  caramels.  Two die-forming lines for high boilings and a low boiling  line  with  cutting  and  wrapping  machine. In addition to different batch cookers, sugar  pulling  machines  and  the  one-shot depositing,  continuous  and  discontinuous  pressure whips are used. The sugar confectionery products can be packaged via vertical or horizontal packaging machines.



Chocolate Department



Here chocolate is made directly from bean to bar. The entire manufacturing process, starting with the preparation and cleaning of cocoa  beans, roasting, grinding, conching and moulding into bars (filled and  unfilled products in a one-shot process) can be represented in this department. The ZDS  has the technical requirements to show classic and  alternative production technologies on a pilot scale. For this, ball mills, rolling mills and conches are used as well as different tempering  machines. The machine park  is supplemented  by a modern sugar grinder and a cocoa butter press as well as a centrifuge for chocolate hollows and a horizontal packaging machine for bars.



Fine Bakery Department



The heart of this modern technical center is an industrial production line for  fine  baked  goods with a continuous steel belt furnace (6 m long). In addition, the department has numerous machines for the production and further processing of  wafers, hard  biscuits, crackers, gingerbread, puff pastry,  macaroons and  many  other  filled and unfilled fine baked goods. But also for baked, extruded and fried snacks the department is well-equipped.



Confectionery Department



This department produces the entire range of gum and jelly products, including liquorice. The technical possibilities also include the production of marshmallow, marzipan, nougat, fondant, brittle and above all pralines. For this purpose, pressure dissolvers, fondant tablating machines, roasters, one-shot casting machines, continuous and discontinuous aeration systems as well as a modern coating machine with cooling tunnel are available.

Panning/Chewing Gum Department



Here are all kinds of hard, soft and chocolate dragees can be made; for this purpose there are five  classic coating pans, an automatic panning line and a belt coater available. For special silver dragees, a glass coating pan is used. However, our chewing gum practical courses are also regularly held in this technical department.



Ice Cream Department



This technical department provides the process technology for continuous and discontinuous  ice  cream  production. In addition to jetstream mixers for the introduction of pow der in liquids, homogenizer, pasteurizer and three freezers and two cold storage cells are available for this purpose.



Food Department

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