The story of a good idea




With increasing mechanisation at the end of the 19th century, there were numerous companies in the confectionary industry too that used machines to produce larger quantities of chocolates, biscuits and confectionaries.  

The technical developments led to manufacturing processes that were significantly different from the tasks of the original manual work.  As early as 1877 the chocolate manufacturers grouped themselves into the first association.





In 1901 Otto Rüger, the chairperson of the "Association of German Chocolate Manufacturers” decided that it would be necessary to develop the young confectionary industry purposefully and conform to the industrial requirements.





Rüger had a central "factory for learning" in mind, which was supposed to be available to the entire confectionary industry.  Training apprentices centrally would have the advantage of giving the same level of theoretical and practical knowledge to the future employees. That was his vision.





Number of years went by before this vision became the reality. Finally on 28, January 1951 the “Association of Central College of German Confectionary Industry” was founded in Dortmund.





Immediately 164 companies joined together as founding members, clarified organisational questions, prepared teaching and financial plans and started negotiations with twelve cities about the location. The decision was made for Solingen-Gräfrath. A suitable site of 10,000 sqm was bought.





On 18, September 1952 the foundation stone for the first new school building was laid in an official ceremony; on 16, January 1954 the school was inaugurated.  Teacher of commercial studies Heinz Leder was the first principal who has personally made an enormous contribution to the formation of the school.

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