Basis for a successful day - the ZDS refectory

Food and drink keep body and soul together

Anyone who has a long and instructive school before or behind, is happy if he does not have to worry about breakfast, lunch or dinner.

This is ensured by our canteen team, which produces varied, healthy and nutritious food every day. In this way, our trainees or seminar-participants can enjoy their breaks in a bright, friendly atmosphere and start the day actively and end it with satisfaction.

Five stars by important events

And not only the daily kitchen is mastered by the employees in the ZDS refectory.

If it matters, such as in large seminars, conferences and meetings, it may be also a festive buffet that arises under the hands of the "kitchen artist". And then the ZDS refectory does not need to hide before other "star establishments".

Refectory team


Daniel Todorovic

  • Koch
  • Küchenleitung


Dragisa Todorovic

  • Küchenhelfer

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