Forum Mould Handling Management, 10.04. - 11.04.2018 CIO-836 Seminar expired

After the first successful "Forum mould handling management", the international congress for the economic design of production processes in the compound and chocolate processing industry will take place for the second time.


The aim of this congress is to provide the basis and advice for the best choice of plastic, the optimum design development, the proper use as well as the cleansing and storage of plastic moulds for the industrial practice.This event addresses to users of plastic moulds in the confectionery industry, especially for the compound and chocolate sector.

Target group: marketing, quality control, purchase and responsible staff in the area of production and engineering, especially from the product development.

By means of presentations and demonstrations the participants will acquire important basic knowledge for their own procurement and application decisions. If requested, time will be made available during the congress for confidential talks between presenters and participants.


The Topic of this year's event are:


  • Ownership of tools
  • Plastics in use for mould production injection moulding
  • New plant concepts in the focus of mould transfer
  • Economic basis for the evaluation of mould cleaning processes
  • Defects and damage analyses on polycarbonate chocolate moulds; interaction with detergents, ingredients and other external factors
  • Adaptive 3D mould breakage detection through profile scanners with reflex optics
  • Food safety through production transparency
  • Increased product flexibility through the use of changeable/magnetic moulds

  • Individualisation concepts for small series - blister moulds with imprinted motives
  • Small dimensions for big effects: added value through holographic effects on molded chocolate
  • New 3D mould concepts for the confectionery industry
  • 3D printing: the key to effective product development and small series production
  • Influence of moulding technology and temperature profile in the cooling channel on fat bloom


Our speakers:

Markus Gebhart, Hans Brunner GmbH
Marco Hirscheider, Bühler GmbH
Harry Imhof, Hildebrand Industry AG
Dr. Rudolf Fernengel, 2R Kunstofftechnik GmbH & Co.
Ronald Krzywinski, Bi-Ber & Co KG
Volker Krämer, Agathon GmbH & Co. KG
Bernhard Rieping, DÜBÖR Groneweg GmbH & Co KG
Burkard van Soest, CTO | d3 technology GmbH, Solingen
Isabell Rothkopf, Fraunhofer Institut für Verfahrenstechnik und Verpackung



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10.04.2018 – 11.04.2018  |  Solingen

Forum Mould handling management


10.04.2018 | 10:00 o'clock


11.04.2018 | 13:00 o'clock




ZDS - Die Süßwaren-Akademie
De-Leuw-Str. 1-9
42653 Solingen

Participant limit

100 Participants for this seminar
No participant limit  per company


  • DE
  • EN

Participant fee

1.615,00 €

Reduced Participant fee (only for members of ZDS e.V.)

1.290,00 €

Services included

• Congress documentation on USB card • Refreshment snacks and drinks • Festive dinner at the first congress day

This seminar is already expired and can not be booked.

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