Industrial Ice Cream Production: Introduction Course PEI-2319 Seminar expired

11.07. - 14.07.2023

The seminar provides an introduction to the industrial production of ice cream. Participants will learn basics about raw materials, process parameters and production technology. In the practical part we will show the production of ice cream masses with continuous machines.


Focus areas:

  •     Ice cream machines, premix, post-treatment.
  •     Basics of ice cream recipe design - Emulsification and stabilization of ice cream
  •     Milk protein and vegetable alternatives in ice cream
  •     Whipping - freezing - hardening - storage - delivery - consumption
  •     The ice cream market / trends
  •     Colors in ice cream
  •     Homogenization of the ice cream mix
  •     Cocoa and chocolate/ inclusions and coatings for ice cream

Target group:

  • New/transverse entrants to the field.
  • Employees in production, quality assurance, product development, marketing, sales
  • Employees of the supplier industry


  • Accommodation in the guest house of the ZDS possible, ask our seminar coordinators.

Tags used: #neu #ice cream


Participant limit

12 Participants for this seminar
5 Participants  per company


  • EN

Participant fee

2.390,00 €

Reduced Participant fee (only for members of ZDS e.V.)

1.890,00 €

Services included

  • Course Documentation in digital form
  • Refreshments: snacks and drinks
  • Lunch, and dinner at ZDS refectory
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Accommodation in the guest house of the ZDS possible, ask our seminar coordinators.

This seminar is already expired and can not be booked.

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For the 2nd and any further participant of the same company attractive discounts are available.
For universities a discount of 50% is granted

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